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  1. Epidemiological studies have demonstrated a wide, unexplained disparity in the prevalence of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) subtypes depending on geographical location, ethnicity and other factors. Enthes...

    Authors: Oi Man Chan, Billy Ming-Hei Lai, Agnes Sze-Yin Leung, Ting Fan Leung and Assunta Chi-Hang Ho
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:45
  2. Oligoarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis (oligo-JIA) is considered as an antigen-driven lymphocyte-mediated autoimmune disease. Natural antibodies (NAbs) are pre-immune antibodies produced in the absence o...

    Authors: Elena Tsitsami, Ioannis Sarrigeorgiou, Maria Tsinti, Erasmia C. Rouka, Sotirios G. Zarogiannis and Peggy Lymberi
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:44
  3. To summarize the clinical characteristics and identify the risk factors for pediatric Takayasu arteritis (TAK) with coronary artery lesions (CALs).

    Authors: Yingjie Xu, Lingfeng Luo, Gaixiu Su, Jia Zhu, Min Kang, Dan Zhang, Jianming Lai and Xiaohui Li
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:42
  4. Juvenile localized scleroderma (LS) and systemic sclerosis (SSc) are rare pediatric conditions often associated with severe morbidities. Delays in diagnosis are common, increasing the risk for permanent damage...

    Authors: Leigh A. Stubbs, Andrew M. Ferry, Danielle Guffey, Christina Loccke, Erin Moriarty Wade, Pamela Pour, Kaveh Ardalan, Peter Chira, Ingrid M. Ganske, Daniel Glaser, Gloria Higgins, Nadia Luca, Katharine F. Moore, Vidya Sivaraman, Katie Stewart, Natalia Vasquez-Canizares…
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:39
  5. This study evaluated the efficacy and safety of baricitinib (Janus kinase-1/2 inhibitor), in adult and pediatric Japanese patients with Nakajo-Nishimura syndrome/chronic atypical neutrophilic dermatosis with l...

    Authors: Nobuo Kanazawa, Taeko Ishii, Yasushi Takita, Atsushi Nishikawa and Ryuta Nishikomori
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:38
  6. To determine whether and how often the information to measure a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is found in data collected routinely in a Pediatric Rheumatology ...

    Authors: Sarah M. Cooper, Gillian R. Currie, Seija Kromm, Marinka Twilt and Deborah A. Marshall
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:37
  7. Sarcoidosis is characterized by non-caseating epithelioid granulomas in various tissues throughout the body, most commonly the lung. Non-caseating granulomas may be seen in skeletal muscle, though typically as...

    Authors: Meagan E. Chriswell, Robert C. Fuhlbrigge, Mark A. Lovell, Matthew Monson and Jessica L. Bloom
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:36
  8. The ten-joint juvenile arthritis disease activity score (JADAS10) is designed to measure the level of disease activity in non-systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis by providing a single numeric score. The cli...

    Authors: M. Backström, H. Salo, J. Kärki, K. Aalto, K. Rebane, T. Levälampi, M-M. Grönlund, L. Kröger, H. Pohjankoski, M. Hietanen, K. Korkatti, L. Kuusalo, V. Rantalaiho, J. Huhtakangas, H. Relas, T. Pääkkö…
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:35
  9. Kawasaki disease (KD) is a systemic inflammatory condition primarily affecting young children. Although 90% of KD patients present with variable head and neck manifestations, especially cervical lymphadenopath...

    Authors: Rim Kasem Ali Sliman, Joris M. van Montfrans, Najwan Nassrallah and Mohamad Hamad Saied
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:34
  10. Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) is a severe disease with an unpredictable course and a substantial risk of cardiogenic shock. Our objectives were to (a) compare MIS-C phenotypes across th...

    Authors: Thomas Renson, Nils D. Forkert, Kimberly Amador, Paivi Miettunen, Simon J. Parsons, Muhammed Dhalla, Nicole A. Johnson, Nadia Luca, Heinrike Schmeling, Rebeka Stevenson, Marinka Twilt, Lorraine Hamiwka and Susanne Benseler
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:33
  11. To evaluate the impact of anti-tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNFα: etanercept [Etanercept ®]) therapy on adrenal activity in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) .

    Authors: Yonatan Butbul Aviel, Ariel Keinan, Michaela F. Hartmann, Stefan A. Wudy and Dov Tiosano
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:32
  12. To develop and evaluate German versions of the Parent Adherence Report Questionnaire (PARQ) and Child Adherence Report Questionnaire (CARQ) and to evaluate adherence in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthri...

    Authors: Sabine Kirchner, Jens Klotsche, Ina Liedmann, Martina Niewerth, Debbie Feldman, Frank Dressler, Ivan Foeldvari, Dirk Foell, Johannes-Peter Haas, Gerd Horneff, Anton Hospach, Tilmann Kallinich, J. B. Kuemmerle-Deschner, Kirsten Moenkemoeller, Frank Weller-Heinemann, Daniel Windschall…
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:31
  13. Kawasaki Disease (KD) is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in developed countries with a variable incidence worldwide. Previous studies reported an unexpectedly high incidence of KD in th...

    Authors: Abdulrahman Alkanhal, Joseph Saunders, Fajer Altammar, Adam M. Huber, Andrew Lynk, Alison MacLeod, Oliva Ortiz-Alvarez, Meighan Adams, Suzanne Ramsey, Elizabeth Stringer, Andrew Warren and Bianca Lang
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:30
  14. Treatment strategies for juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) have shifted significantly over the last 20 years. We examined the effect of the introduction of government-subsidised TNF inhibitor (TNFi) treatmen...

    Authors: Erin Kelty, Ebony Quintrell, David B. Preen, Prue Manners and Johannes Nossent
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:29
  15. Lupus nephritis (LN) is a crucial organ involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Patients with LN have higher morbidity and mortality rates than those without. Among all patients with LN, 20–40% had ...

    Authors: Tzu-Chuan Hsu, Yao-Hsu Yang, Li-Chieh Wang, Jyh-Hong Lee, Hsin-Hui Yu, Yu-Tsan Lin, Ya-Chiao Hu and Bor-Luen Chiang
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:28
  16. Etanercept (ETN) is widely used tumour necrosis factor (TNF) blocker in the treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) when traditional synthetic disease modifying antirheumatic drug (sDMARD) therapy is ...

    Authors: Tiina Levälampi, Johanna Kärki, Katariina Rebane, Paula Vähäsalo, Merja Malin, Liisa Kröger, Minna-Maija Grönlund, Maria Backström, Heini Pohjankoski, Hannu Kautiainen, Sakari Jokiranta and Kristiina Aalto
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:27
  17. In recent years, biologic drug therapies have altered the course of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) possibly also improving the patients’ physical fitness. However, studies measuring both cardiorespiratory...

    Authors: Kati Räsänen, Kati Markula-Patjas, Saija Kantanen, Kalle Sipilä, Timo A. Lakka, Pekka Arikoski and Eija Piippo-Savolainen
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:26
  18. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) plays an important role in the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). However, it is not clear whether the anti-CMV treatment has an impact on the prognosis of SLE patients w...

    Authors: Tianyu Zhang, Zhongxun Yu, Sihao Gao, Yuelun Zhang, Changyan Wang, Shan Jian, Lin Wang, Lijuan Gou, Ji Li, Mingsheng Ma and Hongmei Song
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:25
  19. Despite guidelines, poor access to appropriate care for juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) patients remains a global issue. Prompt referral to a pediatric rheumatology (PR) center and effective care is known ...

    Authors: Aurélie Chausset, Céline Lambert, Alexandre Belot, Etienne Merlin, Elvira Cannizzaro, Isabelle Kone-Paut, Claire Ballot, Valérie Devauchelle, Sylvaine Poignant, Raffaella Carlomagno, Anne Lohse, Catherine Barbier, Véronique Despert, Aurélia Carbasse, Laetitia Sparsa, Eva Adank…
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:24
  20. Blau syndrome is a rare autoinflammatory disease caused by autosomal dominant mutations in the CARD15/NOD2 gene. Vascular involvement is a rare phenotype in Blau syndrome patients. In this study, we aimed to d...

    Authors: Qiaoqian Zeng, Haimei Liu, Guomin Li, Yifan Li, Wanzhen Guan, Tao Zhang, Yinv Gong, Xiaomei Zhang, Qianying Lv, Bingbing Wu, Hong Xu and Li Sun
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:23
  21. The relationship between anti-SSA/RO antibodies and pregnancy has been reported previously, and we aim to visualize the rates of maternal and infant outcomes with anti-SSA/RO.

    Authors: Xiangrui Sheng, Xiaohui Song, Yue Xiong, Tian Ren, Xin Chang, Jian Wu, Jing Cao, Tao Cheng and Mingjun Wang
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:22
  22. Adalimumab in combination with other disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARD) such as methotrexate has a proven efficacy in the management of paediatric non-infectious uveitis. However, many children expe...

    Authors: DA Al-Julandani, NK Bagri, N Tsang, S Clarke, A Upadhyay, C Guly and AV Ramanan
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:21
  23. A systematic literature review was conducted to summarize efficacy and safety data from studies that evaluated tumor necrosis factor inhibitors in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA).

    Authors: Gerd Horneff, Kirsten Minden, Catherine Rolland, Ana C. Hernandez Daly, Cecilia Borlenghi and Nicolino Ruperto
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:20
  24. Little is known about the association between juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) and autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) and therefore there are no indications for AITD screening in this population, which is po...

    Authors: Joeri W. van Straalen, Laurie Baas, Gabriella Giancane, Lyudmila Grebenkina, Jurgen Brunner, Gabriel Vega-Cornejo, Vyacheslav G. Chasnyk, Liora Harel, Simone Appenzeller, Elisabeth Gervais, Sytze de Roock, Nico M. Wulffraat, Nicolino Ruperto and Joost F. Swart
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:19
  25. To evaluate the efficacy of levofolinic acid (LVF) administered 48 h before methotrexate (MTX) in reducing gastrointestinal side effects without interference with drug efficacy.

    Authors: Giorgia Martini, Alessandra Meneghel, Michele Fastiggi, Filippo Dell’Apa, Fabio Vittadello and Francesco Zulian
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:18
  26. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) is an autoimmune disease with a heterogenous clinical presentation and unpredictable response to available therapies. This personalized transcriptomics study sought proof-of...

    Authors: Kathleen J. Imbach, Nicole J. Treadway, Vaishali Prahalad, Astrid Kosters, Dalia Arafat, Meixue Duan, Talia Gergely, Lori A. Ponder, Shanmuganathan Chandrakasan, Eliver E. B. Ghosn, Sampath Prahalad and Greg Gibson
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:17
  27. IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD) is a progressive and sometimes fatal disease that rarely affects pediatric age group. It may affect the orbits, lacrimal and salivary glands, pancreas, kidneys, peritoneum and ot...

    Authors: Moustafa Ali Saad, Hamdy Ahmed, Rasmia Elgohary and Hala Ibrahem El Gendy
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:16
  28. Cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome (CAPS), a rare genetic autoimmune disease, is composed of familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome (FCAs), Muckle-Wells syndrome (MWS), and neonatal onset multisystem infl...

    Authors: Jia Liu, Ranran Zhang, Zhi Yi, Yi Lin, Hong Chang and Qiuye Zhang
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:15
  29. Axial involvement in children with enthesitis-related arthritis (ERA) has characteristics that differ from those of peripheral involvement. This study characterized their clinical characteristics and treatment.

    Authors: Yanli Guo, Yuying Fang, Tonghao Zhang, Yuting Pan, Panpan Wang, Zhidan Fan and Haiguo Yu
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:13
  30. To characterize the clinical features and outcomes of childhood-onset primary Sjögren’s syndrome (pSS).

    Authors: Yinv Gong, Haimei Liu, Guomin Li, Tao Zhang, Yifan Li, Wanzhen Guan, Qiaoqian Zeng, Qianying Lv, Xiaomei Zhang, Wen Yao, Yu Shi, Hong Xu and Li Sun
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:11
  31. In a chronic pain-causing disease such as juvenile idiopathic arthritis, the quality of coping with pain is crucial. Parents have a substantial influence on their children’s pain-coping strategies. This study ...

    Authors: Maria Backström, Hanna Vuorimaa, Maarit Tarkiainen, Eliisa Löyttyniemi, Liisa Kröger, Kristiina Aalto, Katariina Rebane, Kati Markula-Patjas, Merja Malin, Sirja Sard, Paula Keskitalo, Katja Korkatti, Minna-Maija Grönlund, Milja Möttönen, Heini Pohjankoski, Maiju Hietanen…
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:9
  32. Camptodactyly-arthropathy-coxa vara-pericarditis (CACP) syndrome, caused by biallelic pathogenic mutations in the proteoglycan 4 (PRG4) gene, is characterized by early-onset camptodactyly, noninflammatory arthrop...

    Authors: İlknur Bağrul, Serdar Ceylaner, Yasemin Tasci Yildiz, Serife Tuncez, Elif Arslanoglu Aydin, Esra Bağlan, Semanur Ozdel and Mehmet Bülbül
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:8
  33. Dry synovitis (DS) is a rare entity as only a few cases have been reported to date. We describe the clinical features, radiological manifestations and course of DS in comparison with rheumatoid factor negative...

    Authors: Lien De Somer, Brigitte Bader-Meunier, Sylvain Breton, Sara Brachi, Carine Wouters and Francesco Zulian
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:7
  34. Delay in diagnosis and access to specialist care is a major problem for many children and young people with rheumatic disease in sub-Saharan Africa. Most children with symptoms of rheumatic disease present to ...

    Authors: Angela Migowa, Sasha Bernatsky, Anthony Ngugi, Helen E. Foster, Peter Muriuki, Adelaide Lusambili and Stanley Luchters
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:6
  35. In the midst of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, a new disease that affects children has arisen called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C). Several research articles focusing on its medical as...

    Authors: Henrik Hjelmgren, Karin Andersson, Jessica Widegren, Erika Bergman, Anna Vermé, Karina Mördrup, Marcus Öhlander and Cecilia Bartholdson
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:5
  36. Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) is the most common monogentic autoinflammatory disease. FMF results from mutations in MEFV, which lead to a pro-inflammatory state and increased production of Interleukin 1 beta...

    Authors: Shiran Pinchevski-Kadir, Maya Gerstein, Oren Pleniceanu, Yonatan Yacobi, Asaf Vivante, Ortal Erez Granat, Shiri Spielman, Rotem Semo Oz and Irit Tirosh
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:4
  37. Despite new and better treatments for juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM), not all patients with moderate severity disease respond adequately to first-line therapy. Those with refractory disease remain at higher ri...

    Authors: Matthew A. Sherman, Hanna Kim, Katelyn Banschbach, Amanda Brown, Harry L. Gewanter, Bianca Lang, Megan Perron, Angela Byun Robinson, Jacob Spitznagle, Cory Stingl, Grant Syverson, Heather O. Tory, Charles H. Spencer and Stacey E. Tarvin
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:3
  38. Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) patients are required to adhere to a life-long treatment with colchicine, primarily for preventing amyloidosis. As some patients may be asymptomatic for long periods of time,...

    Authors: Keren Cohen, Shiri Spielman, Rotem Semo-Oz, Guy Bitansky, Maya Gerstein, Yonatan Yacobi, Asaf Vivante and Irit Tirosh
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2023 21:2
  39. A significant number of patients in pediatric rheumatology suffer from ongoing disease activity into adulthood and thus need to be transferred into adult care. Transition as a structured individual process of ...

    Authors: Luca Samuel Boeker, Jasmin Beate Kuemmerle-Deschner, Sebastian Jonas Saur, Jens Klotsche, Gabriele Erbis and Sandra Hansmann
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2022 20:121
  40. Ethosuximide and other anti-epileptic drugs have been reported to cause idiosyncratic reactions such as lupus-like syndromes, with elevated antinuclear antibody (ANA) levels. Herein, we present a case of a gir...

    Authors: Lillemor Berntson and Gunnar Liminga
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2022 20:120
  41. Kawasaki disease (KD) is usually treated with high-dose intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) as severe infectious and other diseases. Due to issues that are associated with immunoglobulin preparation, such as the...

    Authors: Fuyu Ito, Toshiaki Oharaseki, Daisuke Tsukui, Yoshitaka Kimura, Tamiko Yanagida, Fukuko Kishi, Yoshio Yamakawa, Yosuke Kameoka, Shoichi Suzuki, Kazuko Uno, Osamu Suzuki, Noriko N. Miura, Naohito Ohno, Kei Takahashi, Hajime Kono and Kazuo Suzuki
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2022 20:119
  42. Adenosine deaminase 2 (ADA2) deficiency is an inherited autoinflammatory syndrome caused by a defect in the ADA2 gene. Most common manifestations include peripheral vasculopathy, early-onset stroke, immunodeficie...

    Authors: Z. Lucane, Z. Davidsone, I. Micule, M. Auzenbaha and N. Kurjane
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2022 20:118
  43. Haptoglobin (Hp), a liver derived acute phase inflammatory protein (APP), has scarcely been studied in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). Hp can occur in blood as two isoforms (Hp1 and Hp2) in precursor and...

    Authors: Lillemor Berntson, Jakob Palm, Fredrik Axling, Peter Zarelius, Per M. Hellström and Dominic-Luc Webb
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2022 20:117

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