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Evaluation of education for adolescents with JIA with MEPS (Medical, Exercise, Pain and Social Support)


An educational programme developed for adolescents with JIA has been implemented three times at Astrid Lindgrens Children's Hospital in Stockholm, most recently in the fall of 2007. The aim is to increase understanding of the illness and provide them with tools for a better adjustment and adaptation to their JIA.


The programme consists of seven sessions. Each session has a different topic e g exercise and ergonomics, pain, medical treatment, relationships etc. Seven adolescent's ages 14–16 years completed the programme during 2007. A self reported questionnaire MEPS (Medical, Exercise, Pain and Social Support) was used for evaluation. The MEPS has been developed for evaluation of educational programs for adolescents with JIA and their parents. It has been established in research to possess satisfactory reliability and validity.


The results from MEPS showed that in the medical area four of nine items improved e g knowledge about symptoms of inflammation. In the social support area three of four items improved or scored high from the beginning e g appreciation of meeting peers with JIA. In the pain area two of six items improved e g confidence in self-efficacy to manage pain.


This form of educational programme seems suitable for adolescents with JIA providing them with information about the illness and its management. It also offers an opportunity to meet with peers and discuss both the illness, its impact on their lives and related social and psychological issues in a group context.


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