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Table 1 Clinical features of MAGIC patients in our series

From: MAGIC- is it for real?

Case Sex, age Clinical features Therapy Aortic involvement Outcome
1 F, 63 oral aphtae since youth; genital aphtae, deep vein thrombosis, migratory seronegative polyarthritis, reccurent bilateral auricular chondritis, wheesing CS, AZA,Col NK Lost to follow-up (after 2 years)
2 F, 35 bipolar aphtae, asymmetric sacroiliitis, acneiform rash, intermittent seronegative polyarthritis, gastrointestinal involvement, bilateral auricular and nasal chondritisANA positive, dsDNA negative CS, AZA,Col No/NK Lost to follow-up (after 3 years- emigrated)
3 M, 2 bipolar aphtae, pseudofolliculitis, erythema nodosum, arthritis, panniculitis, recurrent auricular chondritis, nasal chondritis, positive cartilage biopsy CS, AZA,Col No Rare chondritis flares
  1. CS=corticosteroids, Col=colchicine, AZA=azathioprine