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Table 1

From: PReS-FINAL-2020: Cell type specific transcriptome analysis in patients with enthesitis related arthritis category of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA-ERA)

Groups compared Genes up regulated Genes down regulated Number of dysregulated pathways [total (significant)] Pathways of immunological relevance
EB vs EF 776 189 19 (12) Cell adhesion, IgA production, antigen processing, lysosomal processing
CBMO vs EBMO 821 1251 21 (12) Cytokine signaling, TLR signaling, antigen presentation, chemokines signaling
EBMO vs EFMO 595 512 17 (9) Complement cascade, cytokine signaling, antigen presentation
  1. EB: ERA blood mononuclear cells, CB: control blood mononuclear cells, EF: ERA Synovial fluid mononuclear cells, Mo: CD14+ monocytes, The major differences were found in monocyte subset. TLR pathway was one of the major pathway identified besides antigen presentation, cytokine and chemokine signalling.