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Table 1 Bristol Diagnostic Criteria

From: Variability in phenotype and response to treatment in chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis; the Irish experience of a national cohort

1. Typical clinical and radiological findings in more than one bone (or clavicle alone) without significantly raised inflammatory markers Typical clinical findings:
• Bony pain +/− localised swelling
• Absence of local or systemic signs of inflammation or infection
OR Typical radiological findings:
• Plain x-rays showing a combination of lytic areas, sclerosis and new bone formation
• MRI (STIR) showing bone marrow oedema, bone expansion, lytic areas and/or periosteal reaction
2. Typical clinical and radiological findings in one bone plus inflammatory changes (plasma cells, osteoclasts, fibrosis or sclerosis) on bone biopsy with no bacterial growth