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Table 4 Post-hoc analysis results for statistically significant variables in PAN, DADA2 and control group

From: Choroidal vascularity index as a biomarker of systemic inflammation in childhood Polyarteritis Nodosa and adenosine deaminase-2 deficiency

ParameterPAN- Control Group (p value)DADA2–Control Group (p value)PAN- DADA2 Group (p value)
Subfoveal ChT< 0.0001*< 0.001*0.504
750 N ChT0.110.024*0.277
750 T ChT0.006*0.02*0.697
Total Subfoveal Choroidal Area0.013*0.01*0.425
Luminal Area0.012*0.008*0.384
Stromal Area0.043*0.029*0.471
  1. *, statistically significant