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Table 1 Laboratory and serology characteristics of affected probands with monogenic childhood-onset lupus

From: Whole exome sequencing in childhood-onset lupus frequently detects single gene etiologies

PtHb g/dlWBC k/uLALC k/uLPLT k/uLCr mg/dl (normal range)Urine Protein/Cr Ratio (< 0.2 g/gr)AST IU/I 0–60ALT IU/I 7–45ESR mm/hrCRP mg/l 0–5C3 mg/dl 90–180C4 mg/d 10–40IgG mg/d 720–1560ANAAnti-dsDNA IU/ml 0–4.99Anti-smith U/ml 0–20
A15.311.170.73421.03 (0.15–0.37)6.91710228221.0761.811.8NAPOSNEG21.4
B2113.050.592170.64 (0.24–0.73)2.0587603514049.25.9514001:803551.7
C39.836.061.241410.72 (0.24–0.73)0.4918664NA25.246.515.429101:64011< 0.3
D411.23.91.081870.39 (0.45–0.75)NA101669517.213518.425801:256051.1
  1. Abbreviations: Hb hemoglobin, WBC white blood cell count, ALC absolute lymphocyte count, PLT platelets, Cr creatinine, AST aspartate aminotransferase, ALT alanine aminotransferase, ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate, CRP c-reactive protein, ANA anti-nuclear antibody, NA not available