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Table 2 Actual (2015–2017) and 5-year projected cost savings from canakinumab vial-sharing

From: Retrospective case series describing the efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of a vial-sharing programme for canakinumab treatment for paediatric patients with cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome

Total number of vials used if no vial sharinga 268
Total number of vials used with vial sharinga 151
Total number of vials saved over 24 monthsa 117
Cost of one 150 mg canakinumab vial (excluding VAT) £9927.80
Cost of one 150 mg canakinumab vial (including VAT) £11,913
Total drug cost without vial sharingb £3,192,684
Total drug cost with vial sharingb £1,798,863
Cost saving from vial sharing over 24 months (Including preparation cost) £1,385,821
Projected net cost saving over the next five yearsc (Including preparation cost) £3,464,552.50
  1. a1.11.15–31.10.17, spanning 24 clinics; bTotal costs includes VAT, since canakinumab administered in hospital; cassuming no growth in patient numbers, based on net cost saving 2015–2017