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Table 1 Clinical criteria for the diagnosis of FMF

From: Periodic fever syndromes: beyond the single gene paradigm

Tel Hashomer clinical criteria (3)
 Diagnostic criteria: One or more major signs; or
Two minor signs; or
One minor and five supportive criteria
 Major criteria: ≥3 attacks of the same type, with rectal temperature ≥ 38 °C, lasting 12–72 h, as well as:
 Pleuritis or pericarditis
 Monoarthritis (hip, knee, ankle)
 Fever alone
 Minor criteria: Incomplete attacks involving 1 or more of abdomen, chest, joint
Exertional leg pain
Favourable response to colchicine
 Supportive criteria: Family history of FMF
Appropriate ethnic origin
Age < 20 yr. at disease onset
Features of attacks: severe; spontaneous remission; symptom-free intervals; transient inflammatory response with abnormal WBC, ESR, SAA, or fibrinogen; episodic proteinuria/hematuria; unproductive laparotomy; parental consanguinity
Yalcinkaya clinical criteria for children (4)
 Requires ≥3 attacks with ≥2 of the following:
  Fever with axillary temperature > 38 °C lasting 6–72 h
Abdominal pain lasting 6–72 h
Chest pain lasting 6–72 h
Oligoarthritis lasting 6–72 h
Family history of FMF