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Table 3 Characteristics of valve disease in 139 children diagnosed with latent RHD. The combinations of cardiac findings at the echo-cardio examination showed in the table, define and differentiate the cases of ‘definite’ and ‘borderline’ RH, according to the World Heart Federation criteria [18]

From: Screening of asymptomatic rheumatic heart disease among refugee/migrant children and youths in Italy

  Characteristic of the MV valve Number Proportion
Definite RDH   17  
Presence of pathological MRa with at least two morphological features of RHD of the MVb Thick AMVL+ Thick Chorde 8 47.0%
Thick AMVL+ Thick Chorde+ Excessive Leaflet Motion 6 35.3%
Thick AMVL+ Thick Chorde+ Restricted Leaflet Motion 2 11.8%
Multiple valve lesion   1 5.9%
Borderline RHD   122  
  Thick AMVL + Thick Chorde 72 59.0%
  Thick AMVL + Thick Chorde+ Excessive Leaflet Motion 32 26.2%
  Thick AMVL + Thick Chorde+ Restrictive Leaflet Motion 10 8.2%
  Others 8 6.6%
  1. aMR: mitral regurgitation
  2. bMV: mitral valve
  3. **AMVL: anterior mitral valve leaflet