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Table 1 The clinical characteristics of ten cases of DM/PM treated with AHSCT in articles

From: Long-term follow-up of autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for refractory juvenile dermatomyositis: a case-series study

First Author/Year diseases n Gender age Treatment before HSCTa Mobilization Conditioning Improve Follow-up (months) complication
Baron, 2000 [17] PM 1 Female 28 Pred, AZA, MTX, CTX CTX + G-CSF ATG, CTX yes 12 severe ARDS; fevers and chills by ATG
Chakraverty,2001 [4] DM 1 Male 46 DEX, vincristine, adriamycin CTX + G-CSF melphalan yes 18 severe mucositis
Bingham, 2001 [21] PM 1 Female 38 Pred, CTX, CsA, AZA, IVIG, plasmapheresis CTX + G-CSF yes 24 no
Oryoji, 2005 [5] DM 1 Female 54 Pred, CsA, CTX CTX + G-CSF CTX Yes 12 Cytomegalovirus antigenemia
Henes, 2009 [18] PM 1 Male 32 Pred, AZA, MTX, CsA, MMF, IVIG, CTX, alemtuzumab, RTX, IFX CTX + G-CSF CTX, ATG Yes 36 No
Holzer, 2010 [19] JDM 2 Female 12 Pred, MTX, CsA, IVIG, RTX CTX + G-CSF ATG, CTX,fludarabine yes 26 No
8 Pred, MTX, CTX, RTX, tacrolimus CTX + G-CSF ATG, CTX,fludarabine Yes 13 No
Storek, 2013 [6] DM 1 Male 22 Pred, IVIG, AZA, MMF, CTX, CsA, IFX, RTX CTX + G-CSF CTX, ATG no 3 No
Enders,2015 [20] JDM 3 Yes 36–60
  1. aPred is prednisone, CTX is cyclophosphamide, IVIG is intravenous immunoglobulin, MTX is methotrexate, CsA is cyclosporine A, RTX is rituximab, IFX is infliximab, MMF is mycophenolate mofetida