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Table 1 Demographics and clinical characteristics of the sample

From: Why we need a process on breaking news of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: a mixed methods study

a) Qualitative study (n=11 patients)  
Diagnosis Disease activity
Oligoarthritis Inactive
Oligoarthritis Inactive
Oligoarthritis Inactive
Oligoarthritis Active
Psoriatic arthritis Active
Enthesitis-related arthritis Active
Systemic arthritis Inactive
Psoriatic arthritis Active
Polyarthritis Active
Unclassified arthritis Active
Polyarthritis Active
b) Self-administered questionnaire - Characteristics of the families as reported in the questionnaire
Parents (Sample n=64) n (%)
 Mother 42 (66)
 Father 22 (34)
Children (Sample n=60) Range (median)
 Current age (yr) 2-21 (13)
 Age at the diagnosis of JIA (yr) 1-16 (8.5)