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Table 3 Physical Activity in patients with JIA compared to healthy schoolchildren

From: Reduced physical activity in children and adolescents with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis despite satisfactory control of inflammation

Physical Activity (PA) Patients with JIA Age- and gender-matched, healthy schoolchildren p-valuea
  133 In total 1692  
Mean cpm 475.6 (SD 178.8) 522.7 0.0000018
Minutes per day with cpm >1500 67.9 (SD 32.3) 76.4 0.0000014
Minutes per day with cpm >2000 (MPA) 48.4 (SD 24.7) 52.8 0.00010
Minutes per day with cpm >3000 (HPA) 24.7 (SD16.3) 26.5 0.00015
  1. PA values were log10 transformed and pairwise compared by The Related-Samples Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test (2-tailed, α = 0.05)
  2. aComparison of the distributions of PA in patients with JIA and gender- and age-matched healthy schoolchildren