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Table 2 Reasons that potential referrals to a pediatric rheumatologist were not completed

From: Barriers and alternatives to pediatric rheumatology referrals: survey of general pediatricians in the United States

Response* Percent (n = 83)
I managed the patient myself 34
The patient improved while waiting to be seen 29
I referred to a pediatric infectious disease specialist instead 28
I referred to adult rheumatologist instead 20
I referred to a pediatric orthopedist instead 12
I referred to a pediatric hematology/oncology specialist instead 9
Other 9
The distance or time to travel was too long 8
I referred to a pediatric sports medicine specialist instead 4
I referred to a general orthopedist instead 4
The patient’s insurance would not cover a PR referral 1
  1. *Respondents were asked: In cases in which you considered a pediatric rheumatology referral but did not refer a patient to a pediatric rheumatologist, please indicate your reasons for not doing so. (Select all that apply)