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Table 1 Clinical features of our patient and differential diagnosis based on PRES c-TA and BD criteria

From: Aortitis and uveitis. A challenging case of Takayasu or Behcet disease?

EULAR/PRINTO/PRES c-TA criteria Our patient ICBD-point score system Sign/symptom Score Our patient
Angiographic abnormality Yes Ocular lesion 2 Yes
1. Pulse deficit or claudication Not Genital aphthosis 2 Not
2. Blood pressure discrepancy Not Oral aphthosis 2 Not
3. Bruits Not Skin lesions 1 Doubtful
4. Hypertension Not Neurological manifestations 1 Not
5. Acute phase reactant Yes Vascular manifestation 1 yes
   Positive pathergy test 1 not performed