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Ocular expressions of children behcet disease


Behcet disease is a systemic vascularitis, the diagnosis is difficult in child. The most frequent ocular signs in child is panuveitis with retinian vascularitis.


The aim of this study is to clarify the frequency and clinical caracteristics of ocular attack in child behcet disease in our context.


It’s a retrospective study concerning 13 cases of child behcet disease with ocular signs in service of pediatrie 4 and peadtric rheumatology consultation at Rabat children hospital during 5 years ( April 2007- January 2013 ).

We have studied the onset of symptoms, ocular anatomo clinical form, complications and therapeutical implications.


Our patients were 4 to 15 years old ( average 10,78 years ). Ocular signs were found at 13 cases among 19 followed for behcet disease ( 68,4% ). The attack was bilateral in 11 cases ( 84% ). In 2 cases, ocular attack was inaugural. The uveitis was total in 3 patients, anterior in 3 others cases, intermediar in 2 cases, severe in one case. Papillar oedema was noted in 2 cases, retinian vascularitis in 3 cases. 4 patients had ocular complications : 2 optic atrophie, 1 cataract and 1 macular oedema.


Ocular signs in Behcet disease was found in 10 to 52,5% in pediatric series. They are often bilateral. Panuveitis and anterior uveitis are the most frequent signs followed in our serie by intermediar uveitis. This finding concord with a tunisian serie.

Visual prognosis is threaten by ocular complications witch are precocious in child : cataract, macula oedema, optic atrophie indeed blindness.

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