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P03-013-B - Inaugural palate nodule of a systemic sarcoidosis


Oral manifestations of the sarcoidosis are rare. We report a case of a systematic sarcoidosis revealed by a nodule of the palate.


To emphasize on mucosa localization of sarcoidosis when addressing nodular lesion of the palate in order to allow an appropriate treatment.


Mrs M. L a 29-year-old woman, presented an isolated nodule of the soft palate. The nasofibroscopy was normal, the histology showed a non specific inflammatory infiltrate. Two years later, the patient presented papulonodular lesions of the face associated with anosmia and a second stage dyspnea of NYHA.


Oral sarcoidosis is rare. Labial and lingual effects are at the forefront; effects of the palate remain exceptional. The lesions may take the form of a nodule, ulceration or perforation. Treatment based on systemic corticosteroids, sometimes with the addition of immunosuppressives or synthetic antimalarials.


Sarcoidosis of the soft palate is rare and probably underdiagnosed. The risk of perforation or occurrence of systemic localization requires a careful examination of the oral mucosa in all patients with sarcoidosis.

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Mael-Ainin, M., Bouaddi, M., El Morabite, K. et al. P03-013-B - Inaugural palate nodule of a systemic sarcoidosis. Pediatr Rheumatol 11 (Suppl 1), A211 (2013).

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