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PW02-017 - New tools for the ISSAID society website


The ISSAID (International Society for Systemic Auto-Inflammatory Diseases) born in November 2005, is supported by a website portal.


The purpose of the website is to:

  • gather resources related to the systemic auto-inflammatory diseases in order to facilitate contacts between interested physicians and researchers.

  • provide support to share and rapidly disseminate information, thoughts, feelings and experiences to improve the quality of life of patients and families affected by systemic auto-inflammatory diseases, and promote advances in the search for causes and cures.


Several existing items have been improved to provide extensive. Others have been developed. As decided at the last ISSAID council meeting in Amsterdam, access to specific sections of the ISSAID website is subjected to the payment of annual membership dues.


Improved items

  1. 1.

    basic information

  2. 2.

    society missions and membership

  3. 3.

    previous and future meetings content

  4. 4.

    mutation and patient registries

  5. 5.

    image library showing characteristic physical features from patients suffering from AID

  6. 6.

    information related to laboratories such as quality control schemes for molecular diagnosis

  7. 7.

    useful links

New items

We recently implemented a new "expert views" area with the possibility to

  1. 1.

    share professional experience

  2. 2.

    request expert advice

  3. 3.

    read updates on a specific topic, and research highlights

  4. 4.

    call for collaboration


We do believe that this relooked ISSAID website will further help disseminate information, promote advances in the search for the causes of AID, and improve the quality of life and cure of patients affected by AID.

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None declared.

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