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Volume 10 Supplement 1

2011 Pediatric Rheumatology Symposium: Abstracts

Meeting abstracts

Edited by Brian M Feldman and Laura E Schanberg

2011 Pediatric Rheumatology Symposium sponsored by the American College of Rheumatology.

Miami, FL, USA2-5 June 2011

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  1. Authors: Sampath Prahalad, Milton Brown, Susan D Thompson, Michael Zwick, David Cutler, Lori A Ponder, Jennifer Prozonic, Sheila Angeles-Han, Larry B Vogler, Christine W Kennedy, Carol A Wallace, Carol Wise, Marilynn G Punaro, Ann M Reed, Jane L Park, Elizabeth D Mellins…

    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2012 10(Suppl 1):A116

    Content type: Poster presentation

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