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Table 4 Characteristics of Studies - Epidemiology

From: Epidemiology and demographics of juvenile idiopathic arthritis in Africa and Middle East

Sr. No. Reference Country Study Design No. of studies included Sample size Single or multiple center Classification Criteria Time Period Study features and Limitations
1. Usenbo et al., 2015 [10] Africa Systematic Review 27 cross-sectional studies NA NA Multiple criteria 1975-2014 •The studies included do not follow a standardized diagnostic criterion
•Risk of bias assessed for each study included
•Studies on JIA were not pooled in a meta-analysis due to wide statistical heterogeneity
2. Khuffash et al., 1988 [13] Kuwait Hospital, consultations NA 186,363 Not reported ACR (for 3 months) 1978-1987 •10-year study period
•ACR criteria utilized
•Potential referral bias of more severe cases specifically systemic JIA
3. Khuffash et al., 1990 [14] Kuwait Hospital, medical records revised by experts, hospital attendance NA 577,540 Multi-center ACR (for 3 months) 1981-1988 •Retrospective
•Large population cohort
•Possible underestimation of undiagnosed cases in the community and nonreferral by primary care practitioners
•Children aged between 12 and 16 years were excluded.
•Female children possibly underrepresented
•No current data is available
4. Abdwani et al., 2015 [11] Oman Hospital based, medical records NA 528,480 Multi-center ILAR 2004 2004-2013 •Retrospective
•10-year study duration
•Potential underestimation, only children <13 years of age were included
•Potential referral bias, study might have missed on milder cases
5. Ozen et al., 1998 [15] Turkey Community based survey (parent questionnaire, clinical exam in homes by trained practitioners) NA 46,813 Multi-center EULAR (for 6 weeks) 1997 •Community-based study from 5 districts in turkey
•Possible Exclusion of undiagnosed cases not identifiable from questionnaires may have led to possible underestimation
6. El-Soud et al., 2013 [12] Egypt Sharkia Governate, Egypt Population based prospective study, with retrospective chart review NA 3,844,718 Multi-center 2004 ILAR 2009-2010 •First population-based study from Sharkia governate
•Large population cohort included 19 districts
•Possible underestimation of numbers due to undiagnosed cases in the community and nonreferral from primary care practitioners
7. Singwe-Ngandeu et al., 2013 [16] Cameroon Cross sectional medical chart review NA 34,782 Multi-center Not reported 2004-2012 •Retrospective
•Large population cohort
•Potential referral bias of more severe cases
8. Tayel et al., 1999 [17] Egypt Alexandria Community based confirmed by clinical examination NA 1500 NA EULAR NA •Cross sectional
•School based
•The prevalence period, method of data collection studied is unclear