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Table 3 Impact of Covid 19 pandemic on areas of HEEADSSSS screening

From: Developmentally appropriate transitional care during the Covid-19 pandemic for young people with juvenile-onset rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases: the rationale for a position statement

  Impact of COVID19 pandemic on areas of young people’s lives
Home Being at home has a very different impact depending on their circumstances e.g. Parental disharmony due to lockdown, unemployment, financial difficulties; limited space for studying or confidential conversations; exposure to violence – child abuse or domestic violence
Exercise Limited opportunities to exercise during lockdown.
Education/work Significantly impacted by the pandemic with disruption of exams and important rites of passage e.g. end of school proms; lack of face to face work experience opportunities; difficulties visualizing a future; loss of work opportunities in retail and hospitality industries.
Activities Limited opportunities for hobbies, leisure activities, interaction with friends/peers; sudden removal of support networks via school, work etc.
Diet Food poverty; weight gain due to lack of exercise and/or comfort eating.
Drugs Increased use of drugs and alcohol due to lower mood.
Sleep Loss of routine; resulting fatigue; lack of exercise during day; increased time online.
Safety Increased time online.
Suicide/mood Depressive and anxiety symptoms; worsening of existing mental health difficulties.
Sexual health Difficulties accessing confidential sexual health advice.