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Table 1 Demographics, methotrexate treatment and the phenotype subgroups

From: Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with methotrexate-induced nausea in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

JIA patients, n 121
Girls: Boys, n 82:39
Caucasian: not Caucasian, n 117:4
Age at enrolment (years) 13.3 (11.3–15.1)
Duration of MTX treatment (days) 340 (142–766)
MTXo: MTXSC, n 45:76
MTX dose (mg/m2/week) 9.7 (9.0–10.9)
Patients with completed MISS, n 120
MISS total score (0–36) 8 (3–14)
MTXintolerant subgroup1, n 73
MTXtolerant subgroup, n 47
Patients with ≥ 7 completed diary entries, n 77
“MTX-nausea” subgroup2, n 56
  1. Data on demographics, details of the methotrexate (MTX) treatment and the distribution of patients in the phenotype subgroups
  2. Values are expressed as median (IQR) unless otherwise stated. MTXSC; subgroup treated with MTX subcutaneously, MTXo subgroup treated with MTX orally
  3. 1The MTXintolerant subgroup: children with a total score of the Methotrexate Intolerance Severity Score (MISS) ≥6 and at least 1 point in the anticipatory and/or associative and/or behavioral symptoms. Otherwise categorised as MTXtolerant
  4. 2The “MTX-nausea” subgroup: children with a nausea diary illustrating a nausea pattern timely related to the MTX administration