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Table 4 Treatment response among patients receiving > 1 TNF blockers

From: Variability in phenotype and response to treatment in chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis; the Irish experience of a national cohort

Patient 1st TNF blocker Indication for discontinuation 2nd TNF blocker Outcome 3rd TNF blocker Outcome
1 Adalimumab Worsening disease Etanercept Partial response NA  
9 Infliximab Psoriasis Adalimumab Remission NA  
10 Adalimumab Worsening disease Infliximab Anaphylactic reaction Etanercept No responsea
16 Adalimumab Allergic reaction Infliximab Remission NA  
24 Infliximab Worsening disease Adalimumab Remission NA  
30 Etanercept Persistent symptoms Infliximab Remission NA  
  1. aPatient 10 had worsening disease on methotrexate and adalimumab, then an anaphylactic reaction to infliximab followed by a brief clinical response to etanercept and then further clinical and radiological progression of disease; this patient is now on Pamidronate and has yet to achieve remission
  2. Clinical course and outcome