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Table 3 Ongoing or recruiting studies in paediatric patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases (July 2020)

From: Biologic disease modifying antirheumatic drugs and Janus kinase inhibitors in paediatric rheumatology – what we know and what we do not know from randomized controlled trials

Drug class Drug Study Sponsor Population Region Study duration Primary outcome/endpoint
CD 80/86 inhibitor abatacept Limit-JIA, NCT03841357 Duke University OJIA United States 10/2019–12/2022 Joint count, active anterior uveitis
IL-23 inhibitor guselkumab aPROTOSTAR, NCT03451851 Janssen Paediatric psoriasis global 7/2018–6/2025 PASI75, PGA ≤1
risankizumab bM19–977, NCT04435600 Abbvie Paediatric psoriasis United States 7/2020–06/2025 PASI75; PGA ≤ 1
tildrakizumab TILD-19-12, NCT03997786 Sun Pharma Global FZE Paediatric psoriasis United States 1/2020–11/2023 PASI75, PGA ≤1
IL-17 inhibitor brodalumab cEMBRACE 1, NCT04305327 LEO Pharma Paediatric psoriasis global 9/2020–11/2023 PASI75
secukinumab dCAIN457F2304, NCT03031782 Novartis PsA, ERA global 5/2017–12/2020 Disease flare
eCAIN457A2311, NCT03668613 Novartis Paediatric psoriasis global 8/2018–9/2023 PASI75, PGA ≤1
fCAIN457A2310, NCT02471144 Novartis Paediatric psoriasis global 9/2015–7/2023 PASI75, PGA ≤1
TNF inhibitor adalimumab gADJUST, NCT03816397 UCSF JIA-associated uveitis United States 12/2019–12/2022 Treatment failure
etanercept STARS, EudraCT 2018–001931-27 IRCCS Istituto Giannina Gaslini OJIA, PJIA Italy NA Clinical inactive disease
infliximab KIDCARE, NCT03065244 UCSD Kawasaki disease United States 2/2017–9/2020 Fever
certolizumab pegol CIMcare, NCT04123795 UCB Biopharma Paediatric psoriasis North America 1/2020–4/2023 PASI75, PGA ≤1
JAK inhibitor baricitinib hJUVE-BRIGHT, NCT04088409 Eli Lilly JIA-associated uveitis Europe 10/2019–7/2022 Uveitis disease response
iJUVE-BALM, NCT04088396 Eli Lilly SJIA global 2/2020–4/2023 Disease flare
jJUVE-BASIS, NCT03773978 Eli Lilly PJIA, extended OJIA, ERA, PsA global 12/2018–8/2021 Disease flare
tofacitinib A3921165, NCT03000439 Pfizer SJIA global 5/2018–8/2023 Disease flare
  1. Abbreviations: IL interleukin, TNF tumour necrosis factor, JAK Janus Kinase, ERA enthesitis-related juvenile idiopathic arthritis, JIA juvenile idiopathic arthritis, PsA, psoriatic juvenile idiopathic arthritis, OJIA oligoarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis, PASI psoriasis area and severity index, PGA Physician global assessment, PJIA polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis, SJIA systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis, NA not applicable
  2. aAlso registered under EudraCT 2017–003053-42; bAlso registered under EudraCT 2019–004141-32, cAlso registered under EudraCT 2019–001868-30; dAlso registered under EudraCT 2016–003761-26; eAlso registered under EudraCT 2017–004515-39; fAlso registered under EudraCT 2014–005663-32; gAlso registered under EudraCT 2019–000412-29; hAlso registered under EudraCT 2019–00119-10; iAlso registered under EudraCT 2017–004495-60; jAlso registered under EudraCT 2017–004518-24