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Table 4 Children and parents’ reports of effects and side effects of the medication

From: I don’t want to think about it: a qualitative study of children (6–18 years) with rheumatic diseases and parents’ experiences with regular needle injections at home

Drug effects Child’s quotation Parent’s quotation
Positive effect “The medication is very helpful; I’m less stiff, no pain, I’m able to do gymnastics and play handball” (12-year-old child, II) “I’ve got a brand new girl! It happened fast, she is very happy and fresh. She felt useless (before). “(Parent of 12-year-old child, II)
Uncertain effect and side effects “More energy, but not as much as expected. I was nauseous and dizzy” (14-year-old child, II) “He was better in the body, could perform more, but was nauseous and had a headache” (Parent of 14-year-old child, II)
Effect and side effects “No” (9-year-old child, II)
(she had side effects of steroids)
“The results from blood samples and MR are positive. She is much stronger, she couldn’t keep her head straight” (Parent of 9-year-old child, II)
Less effect than expected “I have had a different effect on different drugs. When having the good effect I could be with friends, join birthday parties and so on ….” (15-year-old child, II) “It was easier when she was younger. It has been hard to find medication for her as an adolescent. She had a period where she didn’t want to take the injections – she had lost the faith in the medication.” (Parent of 15-year-old child, II)
  1. Abbreviations: II Individual interviews