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Table 3 Cox proportional hazard modeling of JIA wait times

From: Patient factors associated with waiting time to pediatric rheumatologist consultation for patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Variables included in the modelHazard Ratio (95% CI)P value
Age at diagnosis0.94 (0.89, 0.98)0.005
Female sex0.73 (0.47, 1.13)0.16
Network distance in Km1.00 (1.00, 1.00)0.17
Number of Active Joints0.99 (0.95, 1.02)0.45
Pain (VAS)1.00 (0.99, 1.00)0.53
CRP1.01 (1.00, 1.02)0.27
  1. Network distance: shortest distance between patient residence and the pediatric rheumatology center along roadways
  2. CRP C-reactive protein, Km Kilometers, VAS Visual analog scale