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Table 3 Children’s verbal expression of fear

From: Children’s fear of needle injections: a qualitative study of training sessions for children with rheumatic diseases before home administration


Illustrating quotes and behaviour

Directly expressing fear

“I am still afraid”


“I don’t want to”

Asking for time

“I need to practice”, “wait”

Being quiet, spend time

(Saying nothing or speak with low voice for a long time)

Trying to understand

“And it’s not possible to take it slowly either”

Challenging the adult

“You didn’t make to get it ready in time” (counting fast to 20)

Bodily symptoms

“I may be sick when taking blood samples – that happened once”

Using onomatopoeia

“Oh”, “Ahaa”, “Wow”

Repeating neutral words

“I must burst, burst, burst, burst …(said with a raising tone in the voice)