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Table 1 Clinical and demographic details of adult axial SpA and ERA patients

From: Patients with enthesitis related arthritis show similar monocyte function pattern as seen in adult axial spondyloarthropathy

ParametersAxial SpA (n = 50)ERA (n = 52)
Median age (range: in years)29 (19–51)15.5 (8–18)
Median disease duration (in years)10 (4–23)2.2 (0.3–10)
Clinical features (number)
 Active arthritis3450
Joints involved
 ESR [median (range)]40 (2–133)42 (4–135)
Drug usage (number)
 HLA-B27 positive patients4742
 Median BASDAI (IQR) (baseline)4.5 (2.8) 
 Median JSpADA (IQR) (baseline) 4.5 (1.75)
  1. Note: The drug usage as well as BASDAI and JSpADA were recorded at the time of collection of the sample. SpA Spondyloarthropathy, ERA enthesitis related arthritis, BASDAI (Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index), JSpADA (Juvenile Spondyloarthropathy Disease Activity Score) are represented as median (IQR)