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Fig. 1 | Pediatric Rheumatology

Fig. 1

From: Patients with enthesitis related arthritis show similar monocyte function pattern as seen in adult axial spondyloarthropathy

Fig. 1

TNF and IL-6 producing monocyte frequency (PB) in HC, SpA and ERA patients. The figure shows scatter plots representing frequency of TNF and IL-6 producing monocytes in PB in HC (25), SpA (50) and ERA (52) patients as analysed via flow cytometry. Each dot represents an individual sample. Horizontal line represents median. WB diluted 1:1 with complete culture medium was used for assessing the pro-inflammatory cytokine producing monocyte frequency. Frequency of TNF producing monocytes in response to (a). No stimulation (b). LPS or PG stimulation (c). TNC or MRP8 stimulation. Frequency of IL-6 producing monocytes in response to (d). No stimulation. (e.) LPS or PG stimulation (f). TNC or MRP8 stimulation. WB: whole blood, HC: healthy controls, SpA: Spondyloarthropathy, ERA: enthesitis related arthritis, Uns- unstimulated, LPS- Lipopolysaccaride, PG- peptidoglycan, TNC- Tenascin-C and MRP8-Myeloid related protein 8, TNF: tumor necrosis factor, IL-6: Interleukin-6

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