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Table 2 Feasibility and acceptability results for the treatment group

From: Feasibility and acceptability of an innovative adherence intervention for young adults with childhood-onset systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Title Items% Young Adult Who Agree or Strongly Agreea
(N = 8)
1. The pillbox was easy to use.100
2. The pillbox did not have any glitches.75b
3. The pillbox was helpful.88
4. The personalized treatment plan taught me something new.50
5. The personalized treatment plan made me more interested in my lupus management.50
 % Young Adult Who Agree or Strongly Agreea
(N = 5)
6. The pillbox plus digital reminders helped me take my lupus medicine.60
7. I took my medication as soon as the reminders alerted me.40
8. The reminders were useful to my lupus management.60
9. I became bored with pillbox and reminders.0
10. I will continue to use the pillbox with reminders in the future.60
11. Overall, I benefited from using the pillbox with reminders.60
12. I think the pillbox with reminders has helped reduce my stress about managing lupus.60
  1. aBased on a 4–5 score on a 5 point Likert Scale denoting agree or strongly agree. Assumption is made that a rating in this range notes a high rate of acceptability by respondents
  2. bOne participant had difficulty with pillbox cellular connectivity. The other participant chose a “neutral” response but had previously reported problems with not having electricity at home