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Table 1 Demographic and clinical characteristics of patients eligible for current study

From: The association of MEFV gene mutations with the disease risk and severity of systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis

 Patients included in current study (n = 57)
Onset age, median (IQR), years6.42 (5.30)
Male, n (%)28 (49.1%)
Time to initiation of therapy, median (IQR), months1.00 (1.00)
Follow-up period, median (IQR), months54.00 (75.00)
Number of the affected joints, median (IQR)5 (11)
Manifestations, n (%)
 Fever57 (100%)
 Skin Rash50 (87.7%)
 Joint Swelling or arthralgia57 (100%)
 Hepatomegaly16 (28.1%)
 Splenomegaly24 (42.1%)
 Lymphopathy30 (52.6%)
 Serositis13 (22.8%)
 MAS6 (10.5%)
Lab examinnationa
 ESR (mm/h)78.77 (30.63)
 CRP (mg/L)130.00 (109.83)
 SF (ng/ml)1376.00(2670.00)
 WBC (×10^9/L)16.14 (11.91)
 PLT (×10^9/L)444 (194)
  1. Abbreviation: IQR interquartile range, MAS macrophage activation syndrome, ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate, CRP C reactive protein, SF serum Ferritin, WBC white blood cells; PLT platelets
  2. aThe data of ESR is represented in mean(S.D.), while other laboratory items in median (IQR)