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Table 2 Comparison of the patients according to the presence/absence of juvenile fibromyalgia (JFM)

From: A preliminary study of the child abuse and central sensitization in adolescent patients with chronic non-organic chest pain and an overlooked condition: juvenile fibromyalgia syndrome

JFMPresent (n = 17)Absent (n = 47)P
Age (years)15.2 ± 1.514.9 ± 1.90.57b
Symptom duration (months)12 (IQR:11–36)12 (IQR:4–24)0.67a
VAS8 (IQR:6.5–8)5 (IQR:4–6)< 0.001a
HADS-anxiety13.7 ± 3.17.8 ± 3.7< 0.001b
HADS-depression10.41 ± 2.36.1 ± 3.1< 0.001b
CSI49.1 ± 13.428.6 ± 13.7< 0.001b
CTQ66.4 ± 16.952.9 ± 12.70.001b
  1. aMann-Whitney U test, bindependent samples t-test, VAS Visual Analog Scale, HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, CTQ Childhood Trauma Questionnaire, CSI Central Sensitization Inventory, IQR Interquartile range