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Table 5 Microbiology contaminants in bone cultures, all intraoral approach at SCH*

From: Pediatric chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis of the mandible: Seattle Children’s hospital 22-patient experience

FloraPatients, n (%)
Neisseria spp6 (50)
Strep viridians6 (50)
Haemophilus5 (42)
Lactobacillus1 (8)
Actinomyces4 (33)
Rothia2 (17)
Gemella1 (8)
Kingella1 (8)
  1. * 9 patients had pre-existing biopsies from outside providers. 13 patients received biopsies at SCH, and one patient was by transcervical approach. All biopsies were bone biopsies. Two of the 12 intraoral bone biopsies had separate mucosal biopsies. Two of the intraoral bone biopsy group grew no organisms