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Table 2 Comparison of full response rates among different treatments

From: Pediatric chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis of the mandible: Seattle Children’s hospital 22-patient experience

Medical Treatment at SCHNo ResponsePartial responseFull ResponseOdds ratio compared to NSAIDs group95% confidence intervalP value
NSAIDs only (n = 18)6102N/AN/AN/A
DMARDs (n = 9)17110.1–12.80.75
Glucocorticoids (n = 10)0100N/AN/AN/A
Anti-TNF (n = 5)023121.2–121.6<.05
Pamidronate (n = 6)024161.7–151.1<.05
  1. NSAID: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug; DMARD: disease modifying anti rheumatic drug; N/A: not applicable