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Table 2 Ocular Complications Pre and During IFX Treatment Follow-up, n = 27

From: Effectiveness of long-term infliximab use and impact of treatment adherence on disease control in refractory, non-infectious pediatric uveitis

 Pre-IFXDuring IFXP-value
Band keratopathy300.24
Cystoid Macular Edema500.051
New cataract diagnosis1350.52
New glaucoma diagnosis700.02
New glaucoma suspect diagnosis1100.003
Cataract Surgery32a1.00
Glaucoma Surgery52b0.42
  1. aCataracts that required surgery while on IFX were present prior to IFX initiation. In both patients, absolute control of inflammation off topical steroids prior to cataract surgery was rationale for the decision to start IFX
  2. bGlaucoma surgery was performed in one of these patients within a month of starting IFX