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Table 1 Patient characteristics and summary of clinical assessments at baseline (B) and follow-up (F)

From: Can quantitative MRI be used in the clinical setting to quantify the impact of intra-articular glucocorticoid injection on synovial disease activity in juvenile idiopathic arthritis?

SubjectAgeGenderDisease duration (months)ILAR Subtype & Systemic MedicationActive joint countClinician assessed disease activity in injected knee (Y/N)JADAS10cJADAS10ESRCHAQPain global score (cm)
112.3F0psoriatic m1lk1lkYYn/a5.59.35.5n/a101.4n/a6.14.0
27.7F27per oligo m2rk,raY7.07.0200.33.2
316.0F8per oligo z2lk,rk0YN8.
411.6M140per oligo1rk1rkYY4.
513.4M53ext oligo1lk1rkYN7.1n/a7.13.02n/a0.003.01.5
616.2F6RF+ poly m,d2lk,rk0YN7.
713.6F54per oligo d2lk,rk0YN12.
88.1M0per oligo2lk,rk2rk,raYY18.88.915.68.95291.91.910.06.8
913.4M74ext oligo d2lk,rk0YN10.
1015.3F92RF- poly1rk0YN9.2n/a9.24.216n/a1.3n/a7.13.4
1114.3M14per oligo1rk0YN2.
Median13.4 27 1.50.0†  8.51.6*4.91.2$
IQR2.8 57 1.01.0
  1. Medians and interquartile ranges (IQR) comparing baseline and follow-up exclude subject 2 who was lost to follow-up. Where measurements are not available for other individuals, medians have not been provided. †p < 0.03, * p = 0.005, $ p = 0.008 at follow-up compared to baseline. Key: per/ext. oligo = persistent/extended oligoarticular, RF+/RF- poly = rheumatoid factor positive/negative polyarticular, JADAS10 = juvenile arthritis disease activity score (10 joints), cJADAS10 = clinical juvenile arthritis disease activity score (10 joints), ESR = erythrocyte sedimentation rate, CHAQ = child health assessment questionnaire, n/a = not available. For active joint counts, superscripts specify joints (lk = left knee, rk = right knee, ra = right ankle). The imaged knee is underlined. Systemic medication: m = methotrexate, z = azathioprine, d = adalimumab