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Table 1 (abstract A25). TEACH Core Content

From: Proceedings of the 2019 Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA) Annual Scientific Meeting

Session Attendee(s) Adolescent Content Young Adult Content
1 Participant, caregiver Psychoeducation, caregiver guidelines Psychoeducation, caregiver guidelines
2 Participant Activity pacing, deep breathing, sleep hygiene Activity pacing, pleasant activities, partner/caregiver communication
3 Participant (and caregiver if <18 years) Pleasant activities, muscle relaxation, parent-child communication Medication adherence strategies for young adults, sleep hygiene, relaxation strategies
4 Participant (and caregiver if ≥18 years) Mindfulness, identifying automatic thoughts Mindfulness, identifying automatic thoughts
5 Participant Challenging automatic thoughts, problem solving Challenging automatic thoughts, problem solving
6 Participant, caregiver Self-advocacy, maintenance Self-advocacy, maintenance
  1. Note. Caregiver can be parent/partner/optional for participants ≥18 years. Content originally delivered via 6 1-hour in-person sessions. The current study will use remote delivery, including live telehealth sessions with supplemental materials (e.g., handouts) available via the web. Italics content is optional