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Table 3 Regression logistic model for the lack of achievement of ID

From: A prediction rule for lack of achievement of inactive disease with methotrexate as the sole disease-modifying antirheumatic therapy in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

 βOR (95% CI)PaScore
Functional phenotype (reference phenotype: oligoarthritis)  < 0.0001 
 Polyarthritis0.261.3 (0.8–2.1) 0.5
 Enthesitis-related arthritis1.373.9 (1.3–11.8) 1.5
 Systemic arthritis2.4511.6 (3.7–36.0) 2.5
CRP >  1.4 mg/dl (reference category: ≤ 1.4 mg/dl)0.601.8 (1.1–2.9)0.0140.5
Score range   0–3
  1. ID inactive disease, OR Odds Ratio, 95% CI 95% Confidence Interval; aLikelihood Ratio Test; CRP C reactive protein
  2. Complete data were available for 365 patients. This model was transformed, using the β regression coefficient, into a prediction score for the risk of lack of achievement of ID. The area under the curve (AUC) of the model was 0.67.