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Table 2 Characteristics of CNO patients with overlapping features of spondyloarthritis

From: Chronic non-bacterial osteomyelitis: a comparative study between children and adults

Pat Gender Age at onset (yrs) HLA-B27 Sacroileitis Peripheral arthritis Skin affection Uveitis anterior FH Response to TNFα-antagonist
6 m 12.22 pos bilateral yes SA yes no yes
11 m 16.7 neg unilateral no SA no no yes
27 m 6.3 neg bilateral no SA yes no
28 w 7 n.d. unilateral yes no no yes yes
30 w 18.2 neg unilateral yes PPP no no
31 m 17.8 neg bilateral yes SA no no
33 m 14.3 neg unilateral yes SA no no yes
  1. FH family history, PPP palmoplantar pustulosis, SA severe acne, n.d. not done