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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of study patients with CNO

From: Physical activity and health-related quality of life in chronic non-bacterial osteomyelitis

PatientSexMedical historyAt time of assessment
Age at diagnosisNumber of affected bonesLocationsComorbidities/ problemsTreatment before assessment (in total)AgeTreatmentCRRR
1F12y6AC-joints, tibiae, femurapsoriasisNSAID14yNSAIDnono
2M14y7spine (Th4), femura, tibiae, humeriacneNSAID, Sulf16yNSAID, Sulfyesno
3F11y8tibia, femura, rib 5–7, spine (Th5–6)scoliosisNSAID, Sulf, Pam14yNSAID, Sulfnono
4F13y6rib 1 and 4, spine (Th4, Th6, Th7, Th11)scoliosisNSAID, ETA, Sulf, Pam16yNSAID, ETAyesno
5F9y2talus, tibiaNSAID16ynoneyesyes
6F11y10spine (L2, S1), acetabula, femura, tibiae, ossa metatarsalia IIIM. Crohn, asthmaNSAID, Sulf14yNSAID, Sulfyesno
7F7y10spine (Th7), os sacrum, os pubis, acetabulum, femur, os metatarsale II, IV, calcaneus, tibiae, os cuboideumOANSAID16ynoneyesyes
8F11y5tibiae, os sacrum, ossa ileascoliosis, asthmaNSAID, Sulf14ynoneyesyes
9F10y9spine (C6, Th2, Th8, L1), sternum, os sacrum, talus, ossa metatarsaliaFSGSNSAID, Sulf18ynoneyesno
10F11y4tibia, ossa frontales, acetabulumNSAID, Sulf14yNSAID, Sulfnono
11F12y10femur, acetabulum, rib 3 and 6, spine (Th4, Th9), humeri, calcaneus, ossa metatarsale IIarthritisNSAID16ynoneyesno
12M12y10femura, ossa ilia, ossa ischiadica, ossa metatarsalia I, tibia, fibulaM. Crohn, asthma, atopic dermatitisAda, NSAID, MTX15yAdayesyes
13M14y2os ilium, calcaneusNSAID15yNSAIDnono
14F8y10femura, talus, calcaneus, os naviculare, os metacarpale I, III, IV, os capitatum, os hamatumRaynaud-syndrome, tendovaginitisNSAID, Sulf17ynonenoyes
15M8y8femura, os pubis, ossa metatarsalia, calcaneiobesityNSAID, Sulf17ynoneyesyes
  1. The medical history is depicted in the first part, the clinical characteristics at time of study assessment in the last four columns
  2. F female, M male, y years, C cervical, L lumbar, Th thoracic, S sacral, AC acromioclavicular, FSGS focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, OA oligoarthritis, asthma asthma bronchiale, NSAID non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Sulf sulfasalazine, Pam pamidronate, ETA etanercept, Ada adalimumab, MTX methotrexate, CR clinical remission, RR radiological remission