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Fig. 3 | Pediatric Rheumatology

Fig. 3

From: Developing comparative effectiveness studies for a rare, understudied pediatric disease: lessons learned from the CARRA juvenile localized scleroderma consensus treatment plan pilot study

Fig. 3

Activity criteria for study inclusion. To be eligible for the study, patients had to fulfill at least 1 criterion from Group 1, or at least 2 criteria from Group 2 (see Table 1). The X axis indicates the number of patients, with the number of patients who fulfilled each criterion shown at the end of each bar. Overall 42 (84%) of patients fulfilled at least 1 of the Group 1 criteria, many of whom also fulfilled Group 2 criteria. Eight (16%) of patients fulfilled only Group 2 criteria. “New lesion” appears in both groups: In Group 1, new lesion must have been documented by physician or physician review of patient photographs. In Group 2, new lesion was not documented by physician, but was reported by patient/parent. “Erythema” appears in both groups: In Group 1, erythema is moderate-severe; In Group 2, erythema is mild

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