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Table 1 Summary of tested outcome measures in the prospective study in patients with JIAU. Summary of tested outcome measures in the international, multi-centre, prospective, and uncontrolled cohort study as proposed by Heiligenhaus et al. [14]

From: Proposal for a definition for response to treatment, inactive disease and damage for JIA associated uveitis based on the validation of a uveitis related JIA outcome measures from the Multinational Interdisciplinary Working Group for Uveitis in Childhood (MIWGUC)

Paediatric Rheumatologist
• Physician ‘ s global assessment of disease activity on a visual analogue scale , 0-100
• Number of joints with active arthritis
• Total number of AC cells
• AC cell grade before and after dilatation
• ACflare grade according to the SUN criteria and MIWGUC criteria
• Ophthalmologists global assessment of uveitis activity on a visual analogue scale, 0-100
• Visual acuity, LogMAR
• Presence of structural complications
 – Ocular hypotony (IOP ≤ 6 mmHg)
 – Ocular hypertension
 – Posterior synechiae formation
 – Glaucoma
 – Cataract
 – Band keratopathy in the cornea
 – Optic disc edema
 – Macular edema
 – Epiretinal membrane formation
 – Vitreous haze
Patient‘s reported outcome
• Overall well-being on a visual analogue scale, 0-100
• Functional ability by C-HAQ
• Quality of life by PedsQL
• Days of hospitalizations due to uveitis
• Lost days in kindergarden or school due to uveitis
• Days with restrictions in daily life due to uveitis