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Table 4 Cox Proportional Hazards Regression Models for Arthritis Reoccurrence by Site

From: Retrospective review of immobilization vs. immediate resumption of activity in patients with Oligoarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis following knee injections

  Hazard Ratio - Exp(β) (95% CI) P-value
Model 1 – Unadjusted   
TSRH (vs. CHOP) 1.15 (0.66-2.01) 0.62
Model 2 - Propensity Score Adjustment*   
TSRH (vs. CHOP) 1.26 (0.55-2.90) 0.58
  1. *Inverse probability of treatment weight using propensity scores. Propensity scores were estimated using TWANG SAS Macros (Griffin et al, RAND Corp. 2014) for group differences between CHOP and TSRH (adjusted for joint swelling, joint tenderness, joint range of motion, knee injection dose, ANA status, age at diagnosis, and race). Cox model additionally adjusted for disease duration, total joints active and biologics injected since the effect sizes between sites were still >0.25 after PS balancing.