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Table 1 Literature search strategy

From: Development of a benchmarking toolkit for adolescent and young adult rheumatology services (BeTAR)

  Concept area keywords Search PubMed EMBase Web of Science Professional organisations
A “young adult*”, adolescent*, youth, teen* A     475
B transition*, service*, healthcare, “health care”, care [A and B and C and D] 3586a 2349a 480  
C quality*, model*, indicator*, standard*, tool*, evaluation*, benchmark*, criteria, guideline*, assessment*, measure*, recommendation*, performance*
D arthritis, “lupus erythematosus”, scleroderma, vasculitis, dermatomyositis, dermatopolymyositis, polymyositis)
  Retrieved for review process   67 80 192 11
  1. a Top 500 hits (sorted by relevance) reviewed for inclusion