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Table 2 Modified cognitive behavioral protocol for adolescents and young adults with cSLE.

From: Development and pilot testing of the treatment and education approach for childhood-onset lupus (TEACH): a cognitive behavioral treatment

Session Number Attendees Adolescent Content Young Adult Content
1 Participant and Caregivera Introduction and overview of program
Caregiver/significant other guidelines
2 Participant Activity pacing
Sleep hygiene
Pleasant activity planning
Communication strategies
3 Participant (plus caregiver for adolescents) Pleasant activity planning
Progressive muscle relaxation
Caregiver check-in
Communication strategies
Medication adherence
Sleep hygiene
4 Participant
(plus Caregivera for young adults)
Identifying automatic thoughts
Common thought traps
  Caregiver/ significant other check-in
5 Participant Challenging automatic thoughts
Calming statements
Problem solving
6 Participant and Caregivera Advocating for self
Maintenance plan
  1. Notes. One in-person, 60 min session per week administered by doctoral level psychologist
  2. aParticipants ≥18 years invited to bring significant other, roommate, close friend, or caregiver
  3. Content in italics is optional