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Table 3 Correlations of JIA disease variables, traditional cardiovascular risk factors and arterial properties assessed by Z0 Windkessel model

From: Arterial properties in adults with long-lasting active juvenile idiopathic arthritis compared to healthy controls

  R P-value
JIA disease variables
 CRP area under the curvea 0.095 0.402
 ESR area under the curvea 0.238 0.037
 Years on daily prednisolone 0.346 0.002
 Years on daily NSAIDs 0.152 0.177
 Years on daily metotrexat 0.094 0.403
 Disease duration −0.193 0.085
 JADAS −0.084 0.465
 Number of active joints 0.035 0.758
Traditional cardiovascular risk factors
 Age −0.117 0.296
 BMI 0.180 0.108
 Waist circumference 0.213 0.060
 Insulin resistance 0.273 0.015
 Daily smoking 0.072 0.526
 Vigorous physical activity (hours/ week) −0.111 0.347
 Moderate physical activity (hours/ week) −0.189 0.118
  1. Variables assessed at 29-year follow-up unless otherwise stated
  2. aCalculated from parameters assessed at 15-year and 29-year follow-up (CRP), disease onset, 15-year and 29-year follow-up (ESR)
  3. JIA juvenile idiopathic arthritis, CRP C-reactive protein, ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate, NSAIDs nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, JADAS Juvenile Arthritis Disease Activity Score, BMI body mass index