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Table 1 Classification of hypermobility

From: The effectiveness of a multidisciplinary intervention strategy for the treatment of symptomatic joint hypermobility in childhood: a randomised, single Centre parallel group trial (The Bendy Study)

Site Criterion Beighton Bulbena
Thumb Apposition to forearm x x
5th Metacarpophalangeal joint Passive hyperextension > 90 degrees x x
Elbow Hyperextension > 10 degrees x x
Knee hyperextension Hyperextension > 10 degrees x  
Trunk Flexion to place hands flat on floor with legs straight x  
Ankle Dorsiflexion > 20 degrees   x
Shoulder External rotation > 85 degrees   x
Hip Passive abduction > 85 degrees   x
Patella Passive shift to lateral side of tibia   x
1st Metatarsophalangeal joint Passive hyperextension > 90 degrees   x
Knee flexion Heel to contact buttocks   x
Ecchymoses Presence after minimal trauma   x
  Total point available 9 10
  Score to determine hypermobility 4 out of 9 Males 5/10
    Females 6/10