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Table 4 Adverse Events

From: Pilot study comparing the childhood arthritis and rheumatology research alliance consensus treatment plans for induction therapy of juvenile proliferative lupus nephritis

Patient AE Medications at time of AE AE Grade SAE Timing
1 Depression with suicidal ideation CYC, Mixed CS 3 Yes Induction
2 Opportunistic infection MMF, Mixed CS 2 Yes Induction
3 Infusion reaction CYC, Primarily IV CS 3 No Induction
4 Steroid intolerance MMF, Mixed CS 2 No Induction
5 Hypertension MMF, Mixed CS 3 Yes Maintenance
6 Acute appendicitis MMF 3 Yes Maintenance
7 Chest pain Mycophenolic acid, low-dose prednisone* 2 No Maintenance
8 Gastroenteritis MMF. low-dose prednisone* 2 No Maintenance
9 Pyelonephritis MMF, low-dose prednisone* 2 Yes Maintenance
  1. Abbreviations: AE adverse event, CS corticosteroid, CYC cyclophosphamide, MMF mycophenolate mofetil, SAE Serious adverse event
  2. *Low-dose prednisone = 10 mg/day or less