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Table 1 Categories and variables reaching consensus during both Delphi

From: Towards a new set of classification criteria for PFAPA syndrome

Categories/variables Consensus (80%)
1. Recurrent fever attacks Delphi 1
 Duration of attacks no
 Regularity of fever attacks no
2. Constitutional symptoms Delphi 1
 Actual criteriona no
 New criterionb Delphi 2
3. Exclusion Delphi 1
 Exclusion of autoinflammatory diseases Delphi 2
 Exclusion of infections and related conditions Delphi 2
4. Age limitation for onset no
5. Well-being between episodes Delphi 2
6. Growth and development Delphi 2
7. Response to steroid treatment Delphi 2
8. Other no
  1. aPhrased as in Marshall’s criteria; bmodify Marshall’s criteria