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Fig. 2

From: Risk factors for damage in childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus in Asians: a case control study

Fig. 2

Heat map showing frequency of disease damage in different domains across different studies. In the heat map shown, each column represents a separate study. Each row across represents an organ system/domain. Each figure in the cell represents the percentage of patients with that organ damage in that study. The color of each cell reflects its percentage, with reference to the gradient legend on the right. Among our group of patients, 15.3% had ocular damage, 11.9% had neuropsychiatric damage, 11.9% had musculoskeletal damage, 5.1% had skin damage, 3.4% had renal damage and 3.4% had cardiovascular damage. Percentage of renal damage is among the lowest across the studies

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